Daniel J. Pernet, DC

Principle Chiropractor, Director

Daniel is an Australian born chiropractor who graduated from the prestigious 5 year double degree course at RMIT University with an Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Clinical Chiropractic. He worked in a variety of practices in Australia, gaining experience with families and children, to athletes and the elderly. In the Netherlands, Daniel worked in practices in Delft, Maasdijk and Honselersdijk before settling in Amsterdam. He is passionate about preventative health and wellness, and has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and healthy eating to help people take steps in empowering themselves towards happy lives.

Scott J. Beanland, DC

Associate Chiropractor

Scott is also a graduate from RMIT University, completing the 5 year course with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Clinical Chiropractic. Scott’s love for health developed from a young age. He has benefited from chiropractic care as a infant and has experienced first hand the amazing effects of regular adjustments, for himself and his family. He grew up by the beach in Australia and is very fitness orientated. He has a keen interest in all outdoor sports; particularly surfing, swimming and cycling. Scott is enthusiastic about caring for families, children and babies while integrating a range of chiropractic techniques with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle advice. He has a deep passion for chiropractic that can be reflected throughout all aspects of his life as he strives to educate his patients on the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system. 

Viviane Smolders

Massage Therapist

Viviane is a certified massage therapist specialising in sports massage, deep tissue massage and myofascial release therapy. She is a licenseholder of the Nederlands Genootschap voor Sportmassage (NGS) and completed her studies with Art Riggs (Amsterdam, San Francisco). Viviane's treatment goals are to control and alleviate pain by increasing the flexibility and improving the function of the soft tissues of the body.  She is a very intuitive therapist and uses different techniques tailored to your physical needs or injuries, resulting in a personalised approach to her care.

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Bas Masteling


Bas has a bachelor in Business Economics (HES Amsterdam) and Physiotherapy (Int. Hoge School Thim van der Laan). Bas has been fascinated by movement from an early age. He believes that a wealth of adequate movement is vital for maintaining a healthy body. Bas is an athlete himself, participating in track and field, climbing, and mountain biking, so he understands how horrible it feels when an injury stops us from taking part in sports. His treatments are focused on keeping the client 'on the run'. Bas' specialties are dry neelding and running related injuries.

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Myrte IJkelenstam

Shiatsu Therapist

Myrte is a certified shiatsu therapist. Graduating in European Studies, she has worked in human resources for various organisations. She has experienced what it means in daily life and work that we are mostly addressed to our "head". She is convinced that body and mind can not be seen separately from each other. Myrte sees it as her mission to achieve more connection between the two through shiatsu therapy. The direction in which she graduated from shiatsu is Zen Shiatsu. This style is characterised by a combination of the centuries-old practice of eastern medicine with insights from western medicine and psychology. Recently Myrte completed a postgraduate education in Tokyo, which she described as a very inspirational course delivered by the son of the founder of Zen Shiatsu. 

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Our Assistants

Our Assistants

All our practicing chiropractors are members of the Dutch Chiropractic Federation (DCF), Stichting Nationaal Register van Chiropractoren (SNRC), International Chiropractor’s Association (ICA), Chiropractor's Association of Australia (CAA), and supporters of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation (ASRF).